My Video Review of the SEAT Alhambra. A Woman’s Perspective

Don’t ask. Don’t get.

I asked if I could take the SEAT Alhambra on a family holiday to Ireland.

The company extended their insurance (I’m underage and not able to drive vehicles over 2.0) and said ‘yes’.

I took the SEAT Alhambra SE Lux 2.0 177PS DSG to Ireland with my two cousins and Aunt, to stay with our Grandparents.

As a ‘thank you’ to my company, I decided to document our journey- commenting on some of the features that make it the best choice for a family car.

Watch my mini documentary here:

As the eldest of three, we have always had large cars to accomodate our hobbies, extra friends, luggage etc.

The first car I remember was the enourmous, silver, Volvo estate. I distinctly remember the auxiliary belt screaming and the three of us being really embaressed while we were wedged in the back. Next, we had a red Laguna Estate (I remember the reg: P972 AAP- sad I know) and this car was BRILLIANT because it had seats in the boot. The seats faced outwards so that we could wave at cars behind us in traffic. The next family car was the Renault Scenic. Even bigger, seats in the boot again but this time we were facing the right way. We were now also hitting puberty.

I haven’t grown (in height and maturity) since I was twelve. Peaking at 5ft 1. My younger brother and sister have well over taken me, nearing 6ft each. This meant that any journey subjected me to the boot seats. With NO leg room. My parents still have this car. I’m still forced into the boot when we meet as a family.

All of this history of my familys cars has a relevance I promise: I am fully qualified to talk about family cars. I know what works and what doesn’t. This is where the Alhambra amazed me.

I knew it was the award winning car before we left. It rivals its sister the VW Sharan by having much more on its specification for a lower price. Fantastic value.

By direct comparison is with the Renault Scenic that we still have. When the boot seats are in, there is no room in the boot. The rear seats are very uncomfortable.
The Alhambra still has a boot when the rear seats are up. The seats are attached to the chasis, they cannot be removed, an added safety feature. They are comfortable seats that also have Isofix points. Yes Isofix points in all five rear seats. There is leg room. The middle seats can be individually moved forwards, giving a custom level of room to the cabin.

As this was the SE Lux trim it was the top specification. This gave us access to more of the ‘toys’:

Sunroof- more light in the cabin. Although it was kept shut for most of our holiday. Irish weather.
Leather- fantastic to wipe clean.
Electric rear doors and tailgate- The doors have sensors and will stop if anything gets in their way. The S and SE trims also have rear sliding doors, this gives great ease of access in car parks and ferrys as we found. A lot of Galaxy’s were whacking each others doors.
Sat Nav- pronoucing Welsh and Irish place names is brilliant.
Bluetooth- on all models- can connect a number of devices to keep everyone entertained.
Seat belt recognition- alerts you if a little monster in the back has taken their belt off.
High beam assistance- perfect for dark Irish lanes.
Paddle shift on the DSG.

The list goes on. I think most are covered in the YouTube clip. But don’t just take my word for it, experience the Alhambra for yourself.

(P.S. I can arrange a test drive for you but you need to ring me first: 01273 434709. Ask for Therese)



An Update on Lifestyle SEAT Brighton

Wow- it’s been quite a while since we have updated our blog and that’s because our customers have been keeping us very busy!

We could not have (and did not) predicted how popular SEAT would be for the Brighton people.

We have taken on a lot more staff, simply to deal with demand, and have now opened up another dealership in Eastbourne. If you’re passing, make sure you pop in to say hi!
Our colleague, Emma, was promoted to Sales Manager to run the show over there.

When this blog was set up, we were just seeing the first new shape Leons arriving. We now have a selection of body styles and some envigorated engine changes that will come into action from June.

You can now get the Leon in a three door (Sport Coupe), the 5 door and the Estate. We now have our very own Cupra DSG 280 to add to our range.

SEAT Cupra Brighton

It’s a very exciting time for the SEAT brand, a four wheel drive is on its way and there are rumours of different concepts being brought out- including a soft top (!), Club SEAT is making a return in the near future- brilliant news for SEAT owners and a new website is in the pipeline (for media geeks like me to get excited).

The aim of this year is to blog a bit more. To keep you updated with the upgrades in the SEAT range and with the development of Lifestyle Motor Group.

Make sure you swing by!

The SEAT LEON visits Brighton

Two weeks ago we were very fortunate to have a fleeting visit from the lovely SEAT Leon.

She was over from Spain for one day only, but we were given the chance to have a good look at the vehicle (with the help of the exciting Blippar app) and learn why this car has had such incredible reviews already.


We have been informed that the model has already been released in Germany, with 35,000 orders taken in the first three days, this certainly is the wanted car of 2013. Would you like to experience why this car is proving to be so popular? Why not book in for one of the first UK test drives?

Lifestyle SEAT Brighton are delighted to be hosting a special Spanish SEAT evening on Wednesday 13th March 2013 at 6.30pm with local restaurants (Latinos, in Hove) and dancers (Alvaro Guarnido and Ole Ole) where we will be providing authentic Spanish food, music and entertainment along with the opportunity to view the Leon and the Toledo (and the new showroom!).

If you would like to be added to the guest list please do get in touch and we can provide some further information.

Here are some more photographs of the Leon, when she was in our showroom, we can’t wait for her to properly arrive as a right-hand drive!






Here are some updated shots of our lovely new showroom… Although the photographs are good, you should really come and visit us to see it for yourself!







The final touches: The SEAT Brighton showroom

Here are the additions to the Brighton showroom this week, it’s like Christmas come early with all the parcels that have arrived!

Here’s our showroom Christmas tree:

Xmas tree

Here is the big sign that was put up next to the road so everyone knows that we are here!

Road sign

New chairs, they were quite fun to unwrap.


This is Dave (service manager) and Martin (parts) unwrapping a new chair for the waiting area.


Some very large SEAT canvas’!


Unwrapped seating area

Seating area

Some cute SEAT lighting…


I now have an official phone! The desk hasn’t been put together at this point but I was very excited about the phone!


The canvas’ up on the walls.

Canvas wall

The arrival of my desk and chairs.


Lee getting settled in his new office



And some panoramic shots of the showroom thanks to Luke Feaver!




New SEAT Leon FR Review- from a woman’s perspective

This week we have both been on a course to experience the brand new Leon FR (which can be ordered now but will not be in the UK until April 2013) and the new Toledo (in the UK now!)

Having read some impressive 5* reviews about the Leon my expectations were already quite high. They only got higher.

The first time I caught sight of the Leon was on my way into the car park when I arrived. It was outside the front of the hotel parked among its competitors yet it stood out a long way with its striking and piercing LED daytime running lights. The headlights on the new model are much more like the Ibiza in style with an angular edge.

SEAT Leon Front

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The showroom… So far!

There has been a lot of drilling going on this week with some very large dust clouds to match.

After the builders left, Lee and I went to have a look around and see what they’ve been up to…

Plug sockets



This is why most of the drilling was happening! These are the plug sockets for under the floor.







This is Lee looking around.







These are the new offices at the back of the showroom, look they’re all freshly plastered! How exciting!








Lee (and his ghost foot) walking through where a wall used to be. There was even more noise when that wall came down! My desk will be right next to this.






This is for our visitors! This giant space and the gap in the wall for the big tv will be the waiting area! I’ve seen the plans- it’s going to be lovely, make sure you try it out!






That huuuuge office in the corner? Yep, that’s Lee’s!








This area will soon be knocked down and replaced with some big glass sliding doors.





That’s the end of the tour for today, but pop back on here soon. We’ll keep you updated with the progress. We can’t wait to move in.

Ola people of Brighton!

Hello Brighton!

We have arrived (sort of) and we’re are very excited about it (really!)

When I say ‘sort of’ I mean that the team, the cars and the resources are here. We’re just waiting on the completion of our showroom which promises to be very snazzy!

This blog will keep you updated on the progress so far so you know when you can come and see it all finished. Although don’t let that keep you away- we’re now open for Sales, Serving and Parts so if you are or know a SEAT customer, then come our way- we’re ready for you!

“But what does the showroom look like now?”

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